Is A Career In The Yachting Industry A Good Fit For Me?

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Bluewater, together with Quay Crew, YPI CREW, Crew & Concierge, Crew Network, Wilson Halligan, Lighthouse and Viking Crew, all recently attended an event at Monaco Yacht Show and discussed a variety of crew-related topics and issues within the crewing sector of the industry.

This article is for the benefit of entry-level crew looking to enter the industry. Hopefully, it will be educational, save money, and increase your chances of getting a good first experience on yachts.

As agencies, we have all seen an increase in CVs from junior crew with little work or life experience. Unfortunately, given the level of service expected within the yachting industry, these are often not the candidates our clients (the yachts) seek to hire. Therefore, These crew may struggle to get a job or end up working on a yacht unsuitable for them, which in turn impacts the vessel’s owner.

What Is essential?

  • Life experience, On a yacht, you will be away from home, away from your family and close friends. It can be isolating, and not everyone adapts to it. It can certainly be more challenging if you haven’t lived away from home.
  • Work experience, Some yachts will have you working seven days a week during the season, sometimes at night, sleeping in a loud environment (engine/ anchor drop), always near your work colleagues and with minimal downtime. It’s an incredibly challenging environment. The more exposure you have had to previous difficult working conditions, the more likely you will be to succeed.

What Skills Are Desirable For Securing A Job In The Yachting Industry?

  • High-end hospitality, e.g. Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels, Luxury estates, and members clubs (in service or housekeeping). Pub or café work is a great start, but to appeal to the level of clients within yachting, higher-end hospitality work is more relevant.
  • Event management, again, the more high-end, the better.
  • Floristry, barista, mixologist, beautician, masseuse, yoga/pilates instructor, PT.
  • Boat building, carpentry, building work, good with hand & power tools.
  • Water sports instructor, e.g., diving, wakeboarding, kite surfing.
  • Boat maintenance, working in a marina, driving small boats.
  • Paramedic/nurse, additional medical training skills e.g. from the military.


  • I’ve seen reality TV shows, will I get the chance to relax in the jacuzzi sipping rosé at the end of guest trips?
  • I want to see the world. Will I be visiting some exotic places?
  • But it’s a glamorous job, right?
  • OK, but I’ll get lots of tips
  • I’ve not worked anywhere yet, but I’ve done a one-week deckhand/stewardess course. Will that make it easy to find a job?
  • It looks like one big happy family on board. Is on-board life as good as it seems?
  • How fast can I expect to progress within my chosen department once I am in?
  • Could I do this as a gap year opportunity?

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