Boat captain found guilty of manslaughter for passengers deaths

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Captain found guilty of ‘seaman’s manslaughter’ in deadly California boat fire

The captain of the dive boat that caught fire off the coast of Central California, killing all 33 passengers and one crew member trapped below deck, is guilty of seaman’s manslaughter, a jury ruled in a verdict returned late Monday after just one day of deliberation.

Jerry Boylan, 70, was accused at trial of gross negligence that caused the deaths of the people who died on the Labor Day 2019 diving trip. Prosecutors with the U.S. attorney’s office said his failure to train and drill his inexperienced crew in fighting fires at sea or to have a roving patrol at night that would have spotted the fire on board the Conception before it was out of control caused the deaths of those who perished…
Read the full article in  the Courthouse News

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