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We offer to be on-hand to assist you with all aspects of the yacht purchase.
We act on your side during the purchase process, protecting your interests from start to finish, allowing you the enjoyment of your acquisition.

This would include sourcing and shortlisting the right yachts to suit your requirements and possibly identifying the wrong yacht, which can be of equally importance.

Even after your purchase, we will stand by your side with our best skills and expertise to make memorable yachting fun.

We Create Relationships

Enjoy an independent view on

  • sourcing & shortlisting yachts for sale
  • initial visits onboard and impressions
  • yacht intelligence & data review
  • negotiating pricing and sales contract terms
  • surveying and sea trial arrangements
  • advising on ownership and corporate structure
  • drafting and budgeting work specifications
  • refits & upgrades project management


The time has come to sell your yacht or replace her.

Achieving the optimum sale in the current market requires a combination of the right marketing tools, skills and expertise without any emotional attachments. Our recommendation is to always select a professional to handle all aspects of the sale on your behalf. Choosing the right Central Agent should ensure the widest possible marketing and most efficient negotiations for the timely yacht sale.


In order to buy/sell a yacht, a detailed agreement called a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is normally drawn up and signed by both parties. Drafting the MOA can be quite challenging and both seller’s and buyer’s obligations and rights should be carefully interpreted. Typically, 10% of the purchase price is paid straight away, with the balance only being paid once the yacht and the all-important documentation has been formally handed over. The two other key documents are the Bill of Sale, which formally records the transfer of legal title from buyer to seller, and the Protocol of Delivery & Acceptance, which sets out the exact time and date of the transfer.
Would advise buyers to check exactly what is being bought. This means having the yacht surveyed, out of the water, by a qualified and insured surveyor. If satisfactory, this should be followed by a sea trial. The MOA needs to describe the parties’ rights and duties when issues are raised, including your right to pull out altogether.
The MOA should list all the equipment which is to be included in the sale: not just safety and navigation equipment but linen, crockery, and any works of art. Yachts can also carry vast quantities of fuel and engine spares, which must be expressly included or excluded.
The MOA should cover other matters such as the documentation needed to enable a smooth transfer of legal title.
Although we always suggest using one of the standard forms, MOAs presented may vary in terms and interpretations and therefore should be thoroughly checked and reviewed by professionals.
Not intending to replace your legal advisors, we will be willing to work in team with them to your interests’ protection. If you do not have your own legal advisors, we can introduce you to one.

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